Mezcal Tasting + Private Tour at Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo's House and Studio

Thursday,19th of January, 2023.
7:00 pm
Mexico City

In this experience you will learn about the history of this functionalist house built by the mexican architect Juan O'Gorman, as well as anecdotes about its owners and guests. We will finish our evening enjoying an artisanal mezcal tasting to celebrate Daniela & Carlos at the patio of this beautiful house.

Price per person: $1,320.00 MXN




  • Private tour guided by the director of the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo's House and Studio Museum. 

  • Tasting of 4 artisanal mezcals. 

If you have any questions/requirements feel free to contact us:

Whatsapp number: +52 55 4519 2016

Email: contacto@doscuerposmx.com




  • Salmiana, Destilados Alambique

  • Inaequidens, Casa Macario

  • Tobalá, Meninas

  • Criollo, El Confesor


  • Smoked Oaxacan Cheese

  • Provolone

  • Manchego with chipotle

  • Manchego with Blueberry

  • Manchego with Jalapeño and Epazote

  • Grapes, strawberries, figs and blackberries.

  • Worm and vanilla salt by chef Beatriz Attolini accompanied by oranges and green tomato

  • Oaxacan chocolate, Villa Real


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